Veteran Events

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Join Your Fellow Vets for Trump!

For event coordination with the National Vets for Trump Grassroots Organization call 1-888-348-1850

5 Steps to Organize an Event

Sign-Up on Website for a location (Community/Town/City)

  • So, your neighbors far and wide can find out you’re doing one!

Determine a Location to Meet

  • We request you pledge to do your best to have 10 vehicles at a parade to host an event
  • Plan for a parking lot size to meet your goal of vehicles participating. (10, 20, 50+)
  • Please ensure the parking lot or field owner is aware and grants permission
  • Ideas: Churches, Parks, Businesses, Farmer’s Field

Plan a Route (Approximately 60-90 minutes in length)

  • We recommend a route through neighborhoods to show your neighbors how important our freedoms are!
  • We recommend avoiding highways because it is likely that fewer people will see your parade.
  • Unless you coordinate with your local police force; we do support the following of all traffic rules and regulations
  • Things to consider in your planning: major highways; traffic lights; construction zones; most visibility by others – keeping folks together


  • Contact your closest family, friends and neighbors to join the parade!
  • Ask your family, friends, and neighbors to contact the and to call their friends
  • Branch out from here: social media, fliers, talking w/ church leaders, veteran organizations, your local elected officials

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